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King's College London, UK
Thu. 14 Dec 2023

In the 

age of AI

A one-day AI Gathering for the UK Creative Industries.

Leaders from the UK's creative sectors gathered on 14 Dec 2023 at King's College London for a series of talks hosted by Kings College London, Numbers Protocol and Instill AI. Creative Industry representatives explored AI's impact on creativity, intellectual property, artist's income and ethical concerns. 

The day featured panels discussing creative policy on AI's transformative potential and ethical implications in arts and culture. With influential figures from advanced tech, arts, policy and governance the event aimed to harmonise innovation with the safeguarding of creative expression. Key outcomes included a government policy recommendation, and the first steps for a technical solution for the use of Creative AI.

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Session Recap

Keynote Speech
Cultural Labour and Creative Precarity in the Time of AI

Professor Hye-Kyung Lee's keynote at the "Protecting Creativity in the AI Age" event focused on the evolving dynamics of AI in the creative workforce. She explored the precarity of cultural labor and the changing identity of artists in the era of AI, delving into how human creativity and ownership are being redefined. The keynote highlighted the crucial balance needed between protecting and sharing creative works in the AI-driven landscape.

Tech Panel
Unveiling AI’s Potential: Transformative Technologies in the Creative Sector



The tech panel brought together leaders from Adobe, Visual, Instill AI, and Numbers Protocol—discussions centered around AI's transformative impact on the creative sector. 

Key topics included ethical data sourcing for AI models, the importance of accessible AI tools for a broad range of users, and blockchain's role in ensuring digital media's provenance and authenticity. 

The panel provided insights into the ethical implications, technological innovations, and future directions of AI in the realm of creativity.

Industry Panel
Navigating AI's Impact: The Creative Industry’s Evolution and Adaptation



The Industry Panel at the "Protecting Creativity in the AI Age" event focused on the impact of AI on the arts and the creative industries. 

The discussion involved key figures from various sectors, including photography, music, and performing arts, emphasizing the need for transparency and ethical considerations in AI integration. 

Key topics included the importance of consent and intellectual property rights, the challenges posed by AI to creators' income, and the necessity of establishing clear guidelines and policies to navigate the evolving landscape of AI and creativity.

Regulation Panel
Balancing Act: AI, Intellectual Property, and Legal Landscapes



The Regulation Panel at the "Protecting Creativity in the AI Age" event centered on AI's ethical and legal implications in the arts. 

The discussion involved experts from various sectors addressing issues like intellectual property, disinformation, and creative ownership. 

The panelists examined the evolving legal landscape, considering the need for effective and fair regulations to navigate the complex intersection of AI, creativity, and law.

Support Panel
Empowering The Industry: Support Systems and Resources in the AI Era



The Support Panel highlighted best practices for aiding creatives in the AI era. 

Panelists from diverse backgrounds, including policy, academia, and the creative industries, discussed the importance of education, grants, and ethical treatment in the context of AI-driven art. 

The conversation emphasized creating a supportive ecosystem for artists, ensuring their work is recognized and fairly compensated in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Solution - Lightning Pitch
Innovate in Minutes: Rapid-Fire AI Solutions and Ideas



The Lightning Pitch session featured innovative solutions from various experts on AI's impact on creative industries. 

Presenters like Frinny Lee from AV Mapping and Ping Lin Chang from Instill AI showcased their respective technologies. Sofia Yan from Numbers Protocol and Matthew Pendlebury from OpenOrigins highlighted the integration of AI in creative processes and the use of blockchain for security and provenance in digital media.

Creative Presentation
Art meets AI


The Creative Presentation segment included artists discussing their work with AI, offering diverse perspectives on the fusion of technology and art.

The presentations were a deep dive into how AI is being used to push the boundaries of artistic expression, emphasizing the nuanced relationship between creativity and technology.

Creatives Panel
Creative Voices: Artistic Innovation with AI



The Creatives Panel was a dynamic discussion featuring artists and researchers exploring the intersection of AI and art. 

They discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the creative sector, focusing on how AI tools can both support and reshape artistic practice, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful approach to integrating AI in creative fields.

The event aims to align AI with creative integrity and intellectual property protection.


Featured Speakers

Anna Skurczynska


Copyright, Data and Commercial Law

Drew Hemment

Theme Lead for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Alan Turing Institute

Emma Cooper

Knowledge Transfer Manager

Creative Industries, Innovate UK

Professor Hye-Kyung Lee

Professor of Cultural Policy

King’s College London

Isabelle Doran


The Association of Photographers

James Hewes



James Parish

Lecturer in Intellectual Property and Information Law

King’s College London 

John Sailing

Senior Organiser

Writers Guild of Great Britain

Lara Carmona

Director of Policy and Engagement

Creative UK 

Laura Herma

Senior Research Leader

Adobe & Oxford Internet Institute

Liam Budd

Industrial Official

Equity UK

Linden Walcott-Burton

Culture Policy Officer

Greater London Authority 

Mark Milstein



Matthew Blakemore


Human Creativity Institute

Nema Hart

SW Director Place, Economy & Partnerships 

Arts Council England

Nick Dunmur

Professional Photographer & Head of Business & Legal


Nick Kwek

Technology Journalist & TV Presenter


Ping-Lin Chang

Co-Founder & CEO

Instill AI

Reema Selhi

Head of Policy and International


Saskia Perriard-Abdoh

Director of Policy and Public Affairs

British Copyright Council

Sofia Yan

Co-founder & CGO

Numbers Protocol

Sophie Jones

Chief Strategy Officer

BPI (British Phonographic Industry)

Tony Guillan

Curator, Producer & Creative Consultant

Arts Technology & Digital Culture


The Venue

King's College London

Great Hall|Edmond J. Safra Lecture Theatre|The Terrace

Strand, London WC2R 2LS


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*All photos and videos from the event are blockchain-registered to ensure provenance. Look for the 'Eye' icon at the top-left of each graphic to view on-chain proof. Tech support provided by Numbers Protocol.

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